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Managing aviation risk through solution based analysis

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Client Commitment
Our clients are at the heart of our business. Not all aviation operations are the same; we work closely with our clients from beginning to end, making sure we understand the full details and the complexities of the unique operation prior to any work being undertaken. All areas of risk are analysed, and the most cost effective, safe and viable solutions are delivered.
Solution Focused
Going beyond a compliance assessment, our focus is on delivering solution based outcomes and recommendations to help our clients overcome any identified issues, minimize risks and keep their operation running on schedule whilst still ensuring safety and efficiency.

About Us

Aviation Safety Analysis (ASA) is a company built on the foundations of years of experience gained in providing aviation safety advice and consultancy services to a wide range of clients globally. ASA is a private aviation consultancy company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

The company is committed to providing independent, quality, and trusted aviation consulting advice to industry, focusing on solution based outcomes for our clients. Whether your company operates aircraft directly or your operation relies on aviation support, we not only identify problems that may exist but also offer solutions to mitigate the risk whilst at the same time help keep operations running on schedule with safety remaining the top priority.

Global Team
All services are carried out by a team of experienced aviation professionals based in Australia, Africa, Canada, South America and the UK. Our team members work closely with you prior to the work being undertaken to ensure all areas of risk are covered and the most cost effective review is undertaken. All team members have come from aviation safety management roles with international experience in either flight operations or maintenance and cover both rotary and fixed wing operations.

The team is dedicated to providing specialised aviation safety audit and consulting services to ensure your aviation activities are conducted in alignment to the highest industry standards.

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David Jordan - CEO
David Jordan CEO
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Over 40 years in the aviation industry with work experience throughout Australasia/Pacific, Europe, and North and South America. David is a Qualified aviation safety specialist with a background in management including Flight Operations, Safety Management and Aircraft Maintenance. Prior to forming his own company, he was the senior manager for one of the world’s leading aviation safety consultancies and has as an extensive flying (ATPL) and engineering background, is a ISO Lead Auditor with more than 10 years aviation auditing experience, and is a qualified aircraft accident investigator.

In association with Airline Scope Logo
Airline Scope uses industry data to assess and score the relative risk of 1000+ scheduled commercial airlines around the world. Using these scores, companies and individuals are able to make decisions to minimise their travel risks and provide duty of care to their employees.

Aviation Safety Analysis and Airline Scope have joined forces to provide a complete solution for all your business aviation needs. Please contact us for more information.


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA